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Widex hearing aids (Widex Moment)​

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Widex hearing aids (Widex Moment)

Hearing comes naturally, like breathing or blinking. That’s why when normal hearing is disrupted, it may feel unnatural. This is where Widex hearing aids come in, providing high-quality audio for people from different walks of life.

Natural Hearing Like No Other

There are hearing aids that sound like hearing aids, and then there’s the Widex Moment that’s considered to be the game-changer in the industry. With PureSound technology, Widex Moment processes sound at lightning speed. This means that there’s no delay that may cause artificial nuances in sound. 90% of Widex Moment users are satisfied with their listening experience all thanks to the natural yet accurate sound that it offers.

More Ways To Connect

Widex hearing aids are specially engineered to make it easier for wearers to establish meaningful connections whether they are at home, at work, or enjoying leisure activities. iOS and Android users can enjoy direct streaming with Widex Moment without requiring any accessory. Access high-quality calls, music, video and any other media wherever you are.

On-the-Go Rechargeability

Widex hearing aids were created with convenience and rechargeability in mind. The Widex Moment offers convenience and rechargeability with a discreet aesthetic. Say goodbye to struggling with hearing aid batteries – especially running out of power at the most critical times – with the slim and handy Widex standard charger.

Discrete & Durable

The #1 cause of hearing aid damage is caused by moisture. Widex Moment is made of advanced water-resistant nano coating to significantly reduce the risk of moisture damage. This means less corrosion and more durability. The rechargeable models also have no battery door to ensure that there are fewer gaps for moisture to enter.

Widex Moment: Musician-friendly Hearing Aids

Musicians who need hearing help have found the Widex Moment hearing aids to be the perfect solution. World famous guitarist, Steve Lukather, knows firsthand the challenges of being a musician with hearing problems.

It’s not just the career of musicians that relies on hearing, it’s all of their life experiences. Fortunately, Widex Moment hearing aids are engineered to bring back needed hearing with world-class technology that serves as one of the pioneering solutions in the industry.

The natural sound of Widex Moment helps musicians reconnect with the timbre of their music, down to the intricate details of each note. Widex hearing aids break down barriers to ensure that life goes on and amazing experiences can be enjoyed anytime, any day.

Widex Hearing Aids | Texas

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