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Hearing Aid Fitting

Austin Hearing Aid Center has audiologists who provide professional hearing aid fittings in Austin, TX.

If you have been referred for a diagnostic audiologic evaluation, it means that hearing loss needs to be ruled out or further examined. The diagnostic audiologic evaluation may be indicated for individuals who did not pass an initial hearing screening.

The evaluation is done to determine if hearing loss is present, and if so, to detail the type and severity of the hearing loss. It may also provide insight into the cause of hearing loss as well as provide guidance for the audiologist in making appropriate treatment recommendations.

Our Process

What Tests Will Be Done?

After selecting your hearing aids, our audiologist will program the devices based on a prescription to meet your hearing needs. Counseling will be given on the use and proper care of new hearing instruments, including how to insert and remove the hearing aids, and how to change/recharge the batteries.

We encourage patients to bring a family member or a good friend so they can hear a familiar voice during their first experience with the chosen hearing aids. When putting hearing aids on for the first time, it is expected to have different reactions to the sounds you hear. Again, this is normal and expected – there’s nothing to worry about. The goal is to make everyday sounds audible on a comfortable level.

Our audiologists are equipped to carry out hearing aid adjustments from your first-fitting up to follow-up appointments.

What can I expect from a hearing aid fitting?

Our audiologist will test the hearing aids to make sure that soft sounds will be heightened while louder impressions are set at a comfortable level. We want our patients to understand that hearing aids are not simply about amplification – it’s an intricate process of fitting, programming, and adjusting to get the perfect hearing experience. Just like how the human ears vary uniquely per individual, hearing loss is also different for each patient. As part of our hearing aid fitting process, we will conduct a real ear measurement using a thin tube that will be inserted into the ear canal. This painless procedure will help us get the most accurate hearing aid fitting possible.

Real Ear Measurement

Real ear measurement is considered to be the gold standard in determining whether a hearing aid user is receiving the accurate levels of amplification required at every frequency to attain the best hearing improvement possible.This does not guarantee 100% hearing improvement, because there are several factors that can affect the performance of a hearing aid, one of which is the level of hearing loss. Real ear measurement can’t promise perfect hearing but it aims to maximize the benefit of the hearing aids to be as close to 100% hearing improvement as possible.

With real ear measurement, our audiologist obtains readings of the exact sound levels a patient is receiving from the hearing aid while listening to recorded speech samples. Through this, we can precisely adjust the sound levels to match the amplification levels based on the type and degree of hearing loss. Performing real ear measurement during the initial hearing aid fitting process helps us ensure that our patients are receiving the ideal level of amplification from their hearing aids.

Individualized Hearing Care

Each hearing loss is unique, hence, each hearing aid setting is also unique. During a hearing aid fitting, be open about what you hear, and be as accurate as possible when describing any nuances. As you wear hearing aids and use it in different listening situations, you can adapt to all the new sounds gradually. Follow-up appointments are important to allow our audiologist to make any adjustments customized to your personal listening needs and preferences.

The Importance of Hearing Aid Adjustment

Research has shown that people get better results with hearing aids if they are motivated and have support from their family. We at Austin Hearing Aid Center are dedicated to giving our patients the expertise, support and counseling they need as they adjust to new hearing aids and eventually enjoy the maximum benefits of the device.

Call us today to be connected to professional audiologists, receive expert hearing care and get access to high-quality hearing devices. Call Austin Hearing Aid Center today to schedule an appointment!

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What People Say?

He loves helping people hear better and have had the pleasure to serve many people for years.
            For 15 years my audiologist Mr Randolph and his assistant have gave me the best service I could ever expect and a 5 Star rating is not enough for them and they deserve the amount of stars in the universe which are unmeasurable just as is my gratitude towards both of them.
Mr. John Smith


What People Say?

He loves helping people hear better and have had the pleasure to serve many people for years.

Frequently Asked Questions

He loves helping people hear better and have had the pleasure to serve many people for years. He provides a comfortable place for people to come have their hearing.

I provide a comfortable place for people to come have their hearing tested and discuss their hearing concerns. I offer a free, no obligation hearing aid evaluation. If it turns out that you are a candidate for hearing aids, there is a 45-day trial period that includes follow up care to assure proper adjustment.

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