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Hearing Aid Styles

Austin Hearing Aid Center offers a wide selection of hearing aids in Austin, TX.

If you have been referred for a diagnostic audiologic evaluation, it means that hearing loss needs to be ruled out or further examined. The diagnostic audiologic evaluation may be indicated for individuals who did not pass an initial hearing screening.

The evaluation is done to determine if hearing loss is present, and if so, to detail the type and severity of the hearing loss. It may also provide insight into the cause of hearing loss as well as provide guidance for the audiologist in making appropriate treatment recommendations.

When it comes to hearing aid styles, there is a wide range of digital technology and features to choose from. The cost of hearing aids depends on the type and level of technological features and not necessarily on the style. Digital hearing aids are available in various technology levels from basic to premium.

Basic Digital Hearing Aids VS. Premium Hearing Aids

With basic digital hearing aids, the user needs to make manual adjustments to accommodate listening in different types of environments, such as a concert hall or a noisy restaurant.

Meanwhile, premium hearing aids are engineered to respond automatically to changes in a listener’s environment. These changes are based on the signals detected by the hearing aid. With premium digital hearing aids, there’s no need for the wearer to make any manual changes.

Styles of Hearing Aids

Thanks to the continual innovation and technology advancements, hearing aids are available in different styles and sizes. Modern hearing aids are now sleek and compact, far from the bulky designs of hearing aids from the past.

In-the-Ear (ITE) Styles

In-the-ear hearing aids are often custom-fit, based on a cast or ear impressions. These are available in different colors to match various skin tones and blend with the outer ear. There are several styles of ITEs as listed below, ranging from smallest to largest:

Invisible In The Canal (IIC)

This is the smallest custom-style hearing aid, positioned discreetly in or past the second bend of the ear canal. IIC hearing aids are specifically designed for mild-to-moderate hearing loss.

Completely in the Canal (CIC)

CIC instruments fit entirely and deeply in the ear canal and are recommended for mild-to-moderate hearing loss. It offers a high cosmetic appeal as they are nearly invisible when worn.

In the Canal (ITC)

In-the-canal hearing aids are positioned in the lower portion of the outer ear, promoting ease of use and comfort. Because of its slightly larger size than CIC models, ITC hearing aid styles have longer battery life and can house additional features such as volume controls and directional microphones.

Full Shell or In the Ear (ITE)

Full shell hearing aid styles sit within the outer ear. Its slightly large size can accommodate the device to have additional controls such as directional microphones and bigger batteries. Since it has larger batteries, ITEs can be used even for severe hearing losses.

Behind-the-Ear Styles

BTE hearing aid styles are positioned on top or behind the outer ear. Amplified sound is sent through the tubing connected to an earmold or ear tip that fits into the ear canal. Behind-the-ear hearing aids come in different colors to blend with various skin tones and hair colors.

Mini BTE with slim tube and mold or open-tip

Mini BTE hearing aids fit and function like regular BTEs but are smaller in size and use very thin tubing to carry sound into the ear canal. With the discreet size, mini BTEs are more aesthetically appealing without compromising the quality of sound amplification.

Mini BTE hearing aid styles have an open-tip to direct the sound into the ear canal, resulting in a natural and open feeling as sound and airflow enter the ear naturally. This is why mini BTEs are also referred to as “open fitting” hearing aids.

Receiver in ear (RIC)

RIC hearing aids are mini BTEs that have the speaker of the devices incorporated in the open ear tip, instead of being in the main body of the instrument. Design-wise, RIC hearing aids look similar to mini BTEs but are slightly smaller in size. RIC hearing aids are versatile and ideal for mild to severe hearing loss.

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What People Say?

Some text… He loves helping people hear better and have had the pleasure
to serve many people for years.
            For 15 years my audiologist Mr Randolph and his assistant have gave me the best service I could ever expect and a 5 Star rating is not enough for them and they deserve the amount of stars in the universe which are unmeasurable just as is my gratitude towards both of them. ——- Mr. John Smith


What People Say?

He loves helping people hear better and have had the pleasure to serve many people for years.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some text… He loves helping people hear better and have had the pleasure to serve many people for years. He provides
a comfortable place for people to come have their hearing.

I provide a comfortable place for people to come have their hearing tested and discuss their hearing concerns. I offer a free, no obligation hearing aid evaluation. If it turns out that you are a candidate for hearing aids, there is a 45-day trial period that includes follow up care to assure proper adjustment.

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