Oticon Hearing Aids (Oticon More)

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Oticon Hearing Aids (Oticon More)

Hearing aids don’t just amplify sounds – they are meant to give more meaning to life, allowing people with hearing loss to do more and be more. The Austin Hearing Aid Center is an authorized provider of Oticon hearing aids in South Austin.

Getting More Out of Life With Oticon More

Audiologists at the Austin Hearing Aid Center have been fitting patients with Oticon More, a highly in-demand device that is designed to support the brain to make better sense of sound.

Oticon More: Features and Benefits

The Oticon More is the world’s first hearing aid powered by an on-board Deep Neural Network. There are smart hearing aids, and then there are the Oticon More devices which are engineered to work just as the brain works – learning through experience.

What is the Deep Neural Network?​

The Deep Neural Network (DNN) is trained on 12 million real-life sounds to give the brain more of the information it requires to make sense of relevant sounds, down to the smallest details.

Enjoy effortless connections with Oticon More​

To hear better means to communicate better and to build seamless connections. Oticon More is designed to accommodate direct streaming from popular media devices such as iPhone®, iPad® and Android™*

In terms of rechargeability and connectivity, you can’t ask for anything more. Recharge on the go while keeping your device dry and protected with the new portable SmartCharger. It has a protective lid and a built-in power bank so you can enjoy the day with zero power interruptions.

Tough and long-lasting

Oticon More is not only smart and functional, it’s also tough, durable, and can offer a full day’s power with just a three-hour charge. Go through the day with ease without worrying about running out of battery.

Musician Friendly Hearing Aids

There are multiple types and models of hearing aids on the market; it can be challenging to pinpoint a hearing aid that works great for musicians. Oticon More is a highly-recommended device for musicians who need access to a great hearing aid.

Even Nils Lofgren, singer, songwriter, and guitarist for Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band, has nothing but praises for Oticon More.

The Oticon MyMusic app is a music program that offers music lovers and musicians a rich listening experience. The settings of this program capture the complex dynamics of music, ensuring that music aficionados enjoy crystal clear sound quality while streaming from a device or listening to live music.

Why Choose Oticon More

  • ‌ 30% more sound is delivered to the brain
  • ‌ Speech understanding increases by 15%
  • ‌ Significantly reduced listening effort 

Hearing better doesn’t have to be difficult and complicated. With Oticon More, expect to get more out of life as your communication improves and you have the freedom to do what you enjoy.

Oticon More Options and Accessories

Oticon More is available in various technologies, all with Bluetooth for direct streaming from iPhone®, iPad® and select Android™* devices. All devices also come with superior telecoil and are available in eight colors to match your personal preferences.

You can also upgrade Oticon More with accessories to fit your lifestyle –

Connect Clip

The ConnectClip allows you to turn your Oticon More hearing aids into a wireless stereo headset.

Tinnitus Relief

Oticon More can also be used with Tinnitus SoundSupport™. This feature helps hearing aid users regain their confidence and concentration with a variety of relief sounds, including white noises that can be customized for every hearing need.

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