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If you’ve noticed a change in your hearing ability or auditory system in general, it’s vital to get this checked out in order to get the best treatment.
cheap hearing aids

Are cheap hearing aids worth buying?

Cheap hearing aids that may be obtained online typically do not perform as well as hearing aids that are acquired from an audiologist who is trained in the proper fitting and maintenance of these devices. In most cases, inexpensive hearing aids are unable to distinguish between speech and background noise, nor are

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kind of hearing aid

What kind of hearing aids would work best for me?

Choosing the right hearing aid can be an intricate process. It will depend on a number of factors starting with the level of hearing loss, budget, lifestyle, and hearing needs. Acquiring a hearing aid is not as easy as shopping for a perfect pair of shoes. Your selection should be aligned or

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ears professionally cleaned

Is it good to get your ears professionally cleaned?

Are you experiencing ear pressure, discomfort, muffled hearing, dizziness, or ringing in the ears? You may need to see an audiologist, get your ears checked, or have your ears professionally cleaned. Audiologists may carry out a hearing test in addition to cleaning your ears professionally to learn more about the condition of

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first signs of tinnitus

What are the first signs of tinnitus?

Have your ears been ringing lately? Or do you hear persistent, disturbing noises that do not seem to be bothering anyone else in the room?  It might be one of the early signs of tinnitus! Before you get ahead of yourself and worry that you might be “hearing things,” you might want to

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improve your hearing

How can you improve your hearing?

If you have been looking for ways how to improve your hearing, good for you! Hearing is essential for human interaction and communication. Our ears gather up the sounds we hear around us, transform them into nerve signals, and transmit those impulses to the brain. Speech, music, and other sorts of noise

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types of hearing tests

What are the types of hearing tests?

If you suspect that you, a family member, or a friend might need hearing aids to hear better, the first step is to get a hearing test. Hearing tests serve as a baseline in determining the impact of hearing (or the lack of hearing) in your daily life, including social and professional

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