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If you’ve noticed a change in your hearing ability or auditory system in general, it’s vital to get this checked out in order to get the best treatment.

How long will my hearing aids last?

As we age or as we are exposed to sudden or loud noises, our hearing deteriorates and many of us require the use of hearing aids to enhance our hearing abilities. But how long can we expect hearing aids to last? In this blog, we will explore the factors that affect the

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Are cheap hearing aids worth buying?

Cheap hearing aids that may be obtained online typically do not perform as well as hearing aids that are acquired from an audiologist who is trained in the proper fitting and maintenance of these devices. In most cases, inexpensive hearing aids are unable to distinguish between speech and background noise, nor are

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AHAC Is Growing!

Great things have been happening here at Austin Hearing Aid Center (AHAC)! We have an expanding team to work alongside our founder, Mr. Bill Rudolph. Meet Angie and Allison! Angela (Angie) Wooten, MS Audiologist and Musician You may have met Angie already if you stopped in or read our blog post “An

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Signia AX Now Has Hearing Aids With Hands-Free Calling

Signia hearing aids are creating more bang for your buck thanks to a new hands-free calling feature. Already known for creating hearing accessories that give you an edge in correcting and preventing further hearing loss, Signia’s new feature adds to the rich variety of options in their products. The new feature connects

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An Ear for Music: Hearing Aids for Musicians

Are you a musician? If you sing, dance, or play an instrument, you have more knowledge about sound than most people, knowledge that gives you a discerning ear. You’re likely particular about the type of equipment you use to make and consume music, and you may already be experiencing some hearing loss

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