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Hearing Aid Fitting in Westgate, TX

After hearing aid evaluation and hearing aid selection, the next step would be hearing aid fitting. Our audiologist will configure your hearing aids based on a prescription. The usage and correct maintenance of your new hearing aids, basic upkeep and maintenance, insertion and removal, replacing or charging the batteries – these and more will be covered in our hearing aid fitting sessions.

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Hearing Aid Fitting in Westgate, TX

Austin Hearing Aid Center has audiologists who can provide expert hearing aid fitting in Westgate, TX.

Bring a family member or a close friend

Hearing a familiar voice of a family member or a friend means a lot during hearing aid fittings which is why we encourage our patients to bring someone during the appointment. 

It is common to have various responses to noises when wearing hearing aids for the first time. Again, there is no need for concern since this is anticipated and usual. The objective is to achieve a comfortable degree of audibility for common noises.

From your first fitting to any necessary follow-up consultations, our audiologists are on standby to make any hearing aid modifications.

What to expect during hearing aid fittings?

The hearing aids will be tested by our audiologist to ensure that gentle sounds will be amplified and louder sounds are received at a comfortable volume. We want our patients to realize that using hearing aids requires careful fitting, programming, and tweaking in order to get the best possible hearing. Each patient’s hearing loss is distinct, just like their ears are different from one another. We use real ear measurements to achieve the most accurate hearing aid fitting possible.

What are real ear measurements?

The gold standard for establishing whether a hearing aid user is getting the precise amounts of amplification needed at each frequency to get the optimum hearing improvement is real ear measurement. 

The degree of hearing loss is one of several variables that might impact how well a hearing aid performs, thus this does not ensure a complete improvement in hearing. Although real ear measurement cannot guarantee perfect hearing, it seeks to optimize the advantage of hearing aids to achieve a hearing improvement that is as near to 100% as feasible.

Our audiologist uses actual ear measurements to get data on the precise sound levels a patient is hearing with a hearing aid. Depending on the type and severity of the hearing loss, we may then accurately modify the sound levels to meet the amplification levels. We can make sure that our patients are getting the right amount of amplification from their hearing devices through real ear measurements.

Hearing Aid Fitting in Westgate, TX

A successful hearing aid journey is dependent on various factors including an audiologist’s expertise, real ear measurements, a patient’s determination, and support from family and friends. The interplay of these factors is undeniably important, and as hearing care providers, we want to make sure that we are fulfilling our responsibility on our end, and that is to give you the best hearing aid fitting possible.

Austin Hearing Aid Center offers hearing aid fittings in Westgate, TX, and nearby areas. 

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What People Say?

He loves helping people hear better and have had the pleasure to serve many people for years.


What People Say?

He loves helping people hear better and have had the pleasure to serve many people for years.
            For 15 years my audiologist Mr Randolph and his assistant have gave me the best service I could ever expect and a 5 Star rating is not enough for them and they deserve the amount of stars in the universe which are unmeasurable just as is my gratitude towards both of them.
Mr. John Smith

Frequently Asked Questions

He loves helping people hear better and have had the pleasure to serve many people for years. He provides
a comfortable place for people to come have their hearing.

I provide a comfortable place for people to come have their hearing tested and discuss their hearing concerns. I offer a free, no obligation hearing aid evaluation. If it turns out that you are a candidate for hearing aids, there is a 45-day trial period that includes follow up care to assure proper adjustment.