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Signia AX Now Has Hearing Aids With Hands-Free Calling

Signia hearing aids are creating more bang for your buck thanks to a new hands-free calling feature. Already known for creating hearing accessories that give you an edge in correcting and preventing further hearing loss, Signia’s new feature adds to the rich variety of options in their products.

The new feature connects via Bluetooth® on smartphones, using the same split processing unique to Signia’s AX technology. They developed this technology to distinguish between conversation and noisy environments. It considers factors such as different types of speech and sound, as well as others, like a room’s acoustics. It then “splits audio signals into different streams and processes them independently of each other,” allowing relevant speech to come through clear while other sounds are still recognizable.

This means that you can listen to music and do other activities without having to switch back and forth between headphones and calls. It’s all right there in your hearing aids.

Right now, the hands-free calling feature is only available for the iPhone. However, there are other features that connect through Bluetooth® to both iPhone and Android smartphones, which are controlled using an app.

Make an appointment to learn more about the new Signia AX hearing aids with hands-free calling, and give yourself the edge today!

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