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Hearing Aid Repairs

If you have been referred for a diagnostic audiologic evaluation, it means that hearing loss needs to be ruled out or further examined. The diagnostic audiologic evaluation may be indicated for individuals who did not pass an initial hearing screening.

The evaluation is done to determine if hearing loss is present, and if so, to detail the type and severity of the hearing loss. It may also provide insight into the cause of hearing loss as well as provide guidance for the audiologist in making appropriate treatment recommendations.

Our Process

What Tests Will Be Done?

The specific tests performed during the evaluation will depend on a number of factors. These tests will determine the degree & type of hearing loss and the condition of the ear canal and middle ear.

Our audiologist will also determine if the hearing loss is conductive (middle or outer ear problem) or sensorineural (inner ear or central processing difficulties). A diagnostic audiologic evaluation includes pure-tone testing, bone-conduction testing, and speech testing.

bone-conduction testing

Pure-tone air conduction testing determines the quietest tones that a person can hear at different frequencies across the speech range. Bone conduction testing is similar to pure-tone air conduction testing. A different type of headphone is used during bone conduction testing, and the results help the specialist determine if the hearing loss is originating from the outer/middle ear or from the inner ear.


A speech reception threshold (SRT) test is often used with older children and adults to confirm the results of a pure-tone test. This test determines the lowest level at which the patient can recognize words or speech stimuli.


Our audiologist may also perform otoscopy (examining the ear canal) and tympanometry (test of the middle ear) to determine the health of the ear canal and the middle ear.

Visual reinforcement and conditioned play audiometry for children

For children, it is important to have a diagnostic audiologic evaluation whenever a hearing loss is suspected. It is the first step in identifying hearing loss and dealing with it to improve quality of life. Along with the evaluation, you should generally expect to have time to review the results with our audiologist. He can interpret the tests for you, answer your questions, provide you with information and referrals as needed, as well as begin planning for treatment.

Audiologists are specialists in hearing and hearing rehabilitation. Never hesitate to ask our audiologist for clarification or further information on anything you do not understand.

What Can I Expect During a Diagnostic Audiologic Evaluation?

The evaluation will probably last about 30 to 40 minutes in length. You should also allow for time for discussion with our audiologist to review test results, and ask questions. If the determination is made that you need hearing aids, allow for sufficient time to discuss your options. It is recommended that you bring a family member with you to the evaluation appointment. Most audiologists agree that hearing loss is a family issue. It helps to have another supportive person at the appointment to help you understand the information and recommendations.

During your appointment a medical history will be completed and our audiologist will want to hear about any complaints you have about your hearing. He will pay special attention to any concerns you have about exposure to noise, tinnitus, and balance problems.

The diagnostic audiologic evaluation is a good chance to establish a relationship with your audiologist. Above all, don’t be afraid to ask questions. You will want to be clear on any information you receive so that you can be an active participant in finding hearing solutions that work best for you and your lifestyle.

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What People Say?

Some text… He loves helping people hear better and have had the pleasure
to serve many people for years.
            For 15 years my audiologist Mr Randolph and his assistant have gave me the best service I could ever expect and a 5 Star rating is not enough for them and they deserve the amount of stars in the universe which are unmeasurable just as is my gratitude towards both of them.
Mr. John Smith


Frequently Asked Questions

Some text… He loves helping people hear better and have had the pleasure to serve many people for years. He provides
a comfortable place for people to come have their hearing.

I provide a comfortable place for people to come have their hearing tested and discuss their hearing concerns. I offer a free, no obligation hearing aid evaluation. If it turns out that you are a candidate for hearing aids, there is a 45-day trial period that includes follow up care to assure proper adjustment.

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