What are ITE Hearing Aids?

an audiologist is selling new hearing aid models

When you start experiencing hearing loss, one of the specialists who will walk with you during this journey is your audiologist. He/she will assess the degree and type of hearing loss and help you choose the best hearing aids. Your audiologist may recommend ITE, which stands for an in-the-ear hearing aid. ITE hearing aids are some of the most discreet available styles.

How ITE hearing aids work

These hearing aids are mostly recommended to people experiencing profound hearing loss. They come in two styles; whole and half shell. Both fit in the outer ear canal, with the whole shell sitting on the entire concha bowl and the half shell sitting on part of it. ITE hearing aids are customizable to make them a comfortable and perfect fit for you.

Advantages of ITE hearing aids

The right hearing aid depends on a wide range of factors like the anatomy of your ears, lifestyle needs, cosmetic appeal, budget, and desired features. ITE hearing aids are advantageous due to the following reasons:

Customized to fit you

ITE hearing aids must fit inside your outer ear perfectly. For this reason, they are custom-made to ensure they remain inside the ear comfortably and without falling. Your audiologist will mold an impression of your ear and send it to the manufacturer, who will create a perfect casing.

Customization of ITE hearing aids makes it possible to use other devices like mobile phones and headsets because they fit naturally.

Convenient and simple design

All ITE hearing aid components are usually contained within its case. Unlike the BTE hearing aids, there aren't any external wires or tubing which are prone to breakage or make it uncomfortable to wear ITEs. Their simple design makes it convenient to handle, change batteries, and clean ITE hearing aids. It is especially convenient for kids and users who have poor dexterity.

ITE hearing aids are a perfect choice right now because they don't tangle with your mask, earrings, hair, or spectacles. Additionally, they allow you to engage in many activities such as sports without fear that they will fall off.


Wearing hearing aids can make you more self-conscious. However, ITE hearing aids are hardly noticeable, and you can disguise them with ease. Your audiologist will recommend those that have a color close to your hair or skin. Unlike BTE hearing aids, ITE devices do not have external components outside or around your ear.

High sound quality and amplification

ITE hearing aids are either small and hardly noticeable or large. Depending on your preference and ear size, your audiologist will help you choose. The larger ITE design is more beneficial because it can house larger batteries and components of amplification. This gives you better sound quality, especially if you’re experiencing moderate or severe hearing loss.

Smaller ITE hearing aids have lower amplification and are mainly recommended by audiologists for users with mild hearing loss. They also serve as an introduction to using hearing aids. You can get better sound clarity when you use a twin microphone system.

Bottom line

ITE hearing aids are a popular choice for many users because they are discreet. Unlike BTE devices, they sit in your outer ear canal instead of going behind the ear. You can enjoy benefits like engaging in sports because they are custom-made to fit your ear naturally. Seek the assistance of an audiologist when you experience problems with hearing loss to get a recommendation.